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Sofa Bed


48 m²

Room capacity

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Sofa Bed Bathroom with shower Equipped kitchen
Seating area Internet access Wireless internet
Radio Remote control TV Satellite TV
Fridge Coffee machine Microwave oven
Fan Full-length mirror Cribs
Hairdryer Hairdryer on request (Paid) High ceiling
Non-smoking Private bathroom Flat Screen
Refrigerator Stove Freezer
Electric cooker Bedlinen


Sofa Bed, Bathroom with shower, Equipped kitchen, Seating area, Internet access, Wireless internet, Radio, Remote control TV, Satellite TV, Fridge, Coffee machine, Microwave oven, Fan, Full-length mirror, Cribs, Hairdryer, Hairdryer on request (Paid), High ceiling, Non-smoking, Private bathroom, Flat Screen, Refrigerator, Stove, Freezer, Electric cooker, and Bedlinen
Parking € 4 / 1
Check-in time After 15:00 on the day of arrival.
Check-out time 11:30 upon day of departure.
Smoking Smoking is not allowed.
Pets No pets allowed